November 5, 2012

Funniest Tweets Following Lori Grimes' Death

Lori left The Walking Dead the same way she came in. With her pants off.
-- Antonio Martinez

This baby is gonna have to prove itself. Rick doesn't trust newcomers.
-- Sean Clancy ‏

When Maggie says "Lori, let's get your pants off" I wish Carl would have said "That's what Shane said!"
-- Jordan Robertson ‏

 I killed your Dad and your Mom. Happy Birthday and welcome to the Zombie Apocalypse!
-Carl Grimes
-- Drae Dinger

Somebody better start lactating. I'm looking at you Hershel.
-- Ethan Robertson

That episode of walking dead was sadder then when Ash left Butterfree.
-- Jonathan Pummell

Well Rick, there's good news and there's good news.
-- The Mocking Dead

Who gives a damn about Lori? T-Dog just earned the black man of the year award from the horror movie genre.
-- Kenny King

Lori wants to die giving birth to a zombie baby. I wonder how Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan feel about that.
-- Steve Garcia

You know that baby is all spread eagle inside Lori & like "Oh hell to the N & O! I ain't going out there!"
-- Kathi Seymour

Do you think it is maybe time to have "that talk" with Carl about the birds and zom-bees?
-- My Vogon Poetry

Wouldn't it be hilarious if it was only a fart?
-- Juan Merino

Shane in you...oops I mean...shame on you.
-- Haha One Liners 

Lori's baby will be immune to zombie virus because she sacrificed herself for the baby. Learnt that magic from Harry Potter.
-- Mandi Snow

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