November 5, 2012

The Walking Dead S3E4: "Killer Within"

This was arguably the best episode of the entire season, if not the entire series. It was emotionally draining, but damn it was AMAZING!

First of all, the title led me to believe (as I'm sure it was meant to) that either Lori's baby was going to claw its way out of her and show itself to be a zombie, or that someone inside the prison was going to be the killer - the two unwittingly rogue prisoners, perhaps? I was a quarter right, I guess. It wasn't the two prisoners we've seen before - it was the one that got away, the one thought to have been eaten by walkers in episode 2! And what on earth did he think he was doing, calling all the zombies to the prison? I mean, it's not like he was really helping himself with this tactic. Wouldn't it have been easier to approach the two prisoner guys, Axel and Oscar, and suggest a prison take-back, then plan accordingly? Why did he think it was such a super great idea to get a zombie riot going, then just take his chances from there?? What a douche. Well, obviously he's not super-smart. He's in prison...
At least, now we know that the comically-stoic prisoner, Oscar, is on Team Grimes!

Now, let's talk about T-Dog. He's easily the most underdeveloped character in the group. He barely gets two lines per episode, and I've joked several times that I had "forgotten he was on this show." So, basically, what I'm sayin' is that T-Dog has been wearing a red shirt since Season 1. It was only a matter of time before his number came up. And it's cool that he sacrificed himself so nobly to protect Carol. What I was not expecting was for T-Dog and Lori to die in the same episode! And only the 4th episode into Season 3, at that. Very shocking. 

Then there's my personal favorite character, Maggie. Beautiful, tough, but soft-hearted Maggie. She had the wretched job of delivering Lori's baby via c-section, with a funky hunting knife, right in front of Lori's boy, Carl. Now, there's a job I hope I never get! And, of course, I suspect that the care of this baby is going to fall to Maggie and her sister. I think Carol is still too messed up from Sophia's death to be able to do it properly, and Rick has a whole lot of survival stuff on his mind. Carl is going crazy. Hershel is healing from losing a leg. That doesn't really leave anybody else, unless Prisoner Axel turns out to be a baby-whisperer. Hell, on this show you never know!

I'm mildly suspicious that Carl didn't actually shoot his mom. I know he's gotten tougher since last season, but they didn't show us the actual shot. Could he have faked it? Is Walker Lori hanging out in the generator room? What if she's not dead at all??? Maybe she just passed out from the pain, and she's in the generator room feeling extremely thirsty right now. If she is really dead, how awful is it that the baby's half-brother killed both it's mother and it's father. Because, yeah, the daddy's Shane! You know it and I know it too. 

Extra Tidbits:
  • The look on Daryl's face when he found Carol's head-wrap... I think he loooooooooves her. 
  • At the beginning of this episode, T-Dog was proving to be the new voice of reason, replacing Dale as the group's conscience. And then wham-o. Done. Now who's going to be the Moral Police? My money's on Carol. Maybe Hershel.
  • Glen and Maggie in the guard tower. Hilarious. But I hope Glen is going to be cool with the fact that, after delivering Lori's baby, Maggie is probably never going to want to have sex with him again. At least not without a lead condom.
  • We know Oscar is cool, but I think Axel is a little nuts. Remains to be seen.
  • Michonne kind of wimped in this episode. If she wants to leave, wouldn't she just leave without Andrea? I know she cares about Andrea in her own dry way, but she seems like the kind of gal who would just say, "I'm out - you can do whatever you want." 
  • Was Andrea seriously flirting with Merle??? Seriously?!

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