July 4, 2013

Fan Film Review - Link's Shadow

I love a good, well-made fan film, and this one is really nice! I have a deep love for the Zelda games, so if you're gonna make a Link fan film, it's gotta be respectful. And this one really is fabulous! The costumes and the film quality are very nice. The music is tasty. And the fight scenes are well-choreographed. My only complaint is Link's wig. I would rather have seen an actor really commit and just grow his hair out floppy then bleach it, hit it with a straightener, and call it a day. But, hey, I guess that's just me. Otherwise, very well done on all accounts!

My favorite part was seeing the little fairy fly out of the bottle. If you've played the games you come to love those little fairies with all your heart...

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